Radical Theology, or Not

The Founders of the United States of America understood the importance of religion and morality upon a new developing nation. However, and perhaps utmost, they were fully aware of a quagmire which can result when religion and civil government are combined into one authority. Testifying to such a disposition, the framers of the Constitution included as the First Amendment to the Constitution terminology forbidding the Congress from establishing a national theology.

Christian crusades of the 7th and 8th centuries A.D. killed many under a guise of religion; however, these crusaders were attempting to regain the sacred ground of their ancient temples from occupying Islamic invaders. We now face an international radical Islamic theology which by its own founding documents judges all other theologies to be infidels requiring conversion or death. Recent atrocities of decapitation and incineration of “infidels” by these radical factions of Islamic theology are beyond reason by any civilized thought process.

Any theology which promises rewards of martyrdom and paradise for premeditated murder and suicide must be suspect of outright lunacy. An entity failing to identify a common thread of radical Islamic extremist ideology with these acts of cowardly barbarism should also suspect of at least an equal degree of idiocy.

One thought on “Radical Theology, or Not

  1. AMEN to all said cuz ,these things such as same sex marriage sicken me and I am tired of having all this shoved down our throats it is time the people stand up and say we are not gonna listen to this crap anymore!!


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