Love, Submission, and Islam

A somewhat strange analogy of words often creates a necessity for further exploration into similarities if any indeed exist. Some political leaders would also include Peace into the mix. In the world that is 2015, societal norms are under constant attack from liberal and theological extremes. One is left to ponder how it might be possible to coexist successfully in such a scenario and still maintain some identifiable principled meaning for life. Current events surrounding the antics of the Islamic State and the underlying theme of the movie Fifty Shades of Gray are certainly an example of the extremes, yet eerily very similar.

Love means many things and is demonstrated in countless number of ways. Love is between a man and a women, two individuals, parental or familial love, love for one’s country, and certainly agape love for and from the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Love also incurs an inherent trust, not blind, but that trust of an understanding where fear of harm is minimized. As Christians we often remember 1st Corinthians 13:13, “And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love”.

Submission may be characterized as a loss or unwillingness to resist the will of outside forces upon one’s person. Trust would be an essential requirement for an individual to completely submit to another. Indeed, a successful marriage must be based on love and trust whereby submission by one party to the other is the ultimate demonstration of both. In that light, submission is both desired and pleasurable to all parties. A wife submits to her husband and likewise a husband should submit to his wife in order to demonstrate their love an ultimate trust of each other. Either would entertain any sacrifice to know the other would be pleased. Agape love is similar whereby total submission to God yields the ultimate of blessings.

Politicians from both parties testify Islam is a religion of peace. They pronounce it is only radical extremists of Islam which have become notorious for their heinous and murderous actions toward those who refuse submit to their radical Islamic theology. These radical Islamist believe that peace demands all other religions submit to their Islamic theology. Death is the only penalty for those non-believers in radical Islam.

Where is the love in radical Islam? A theology which purports total submission as a sign of faith, and enforces its demands with murder and death is barbaric. Submission must be a two-way street where trust and love bring peace. Islam may be a religion of peace via submission; but I do not see the trust and I surely don’t feel the love.

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