A definition of discriminate is, “verb, meaning to recognize a distinction; differentiate”. The ability to excel at critical decision-making requires at least a passing necessity to discriminate or differentiate good from bad choices. Both discrimination and differentiation are used daily by most humans in determining activities of normal living. We discriminate between cuts of meat at the butcher, which fruit to buy at the market, or the model of automobile to suit our family’s need. If discrimination is so much of our daily life, how did it become such a negative term in today’s English language?

A Sal Alinsky-like liberal modus operandi of the late 20th and early 21st century is and continues to be marginalize, demonize, and criticize. Any word or common occurrence can be marginalized by raising public awareness accentuating the word or occurrence. Examples of marginalization can be seen in the manner in which Rev. Al Sharpton or Rev. Jesse Jackson call attention to the plight of black Americans utilizing “Uncle Tom” or “Jim Crow” character assignments. They emphasize the perceived differentiation in treatment between blacks and whites.

Demoniztion begins with inflicting a sense of guilt to those who differ; those who represent the successes possible through education and hard work regardless of color. A nice house and a new car become analogous with someone who doesn’t care about those with less. A mere perception of prosperity is deemed counter to acceptable status in the liberal world. Those who experience success through education and/or hard work are then criticized for having sacrificed and excelled toward improving their socio-economic existence. Rather than hold these up to demonstrate the way out of poverty, liberals are hypocritical by criticizing achievements and newly obtained wealth.

Discrimination doesn’t have to be a negative term; unless of course it serves your purpose; Que Sera, Sera!

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