Predominately liberal main-stream media types continue to make every attempt to badger conservative political candidates into the fray of the abortion issue. Whether you are for or against Roe v. Wade, the issue of a woman’s right to an abortion is extremely personal. In lieu the liberal-championed Affordable Care Act and the Federal Government’s Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), personal information vis-à-vis health care, i.e. abortion, is indeed privileged information for which unauthorized release of information is punishable by Federal statute.

The very personal nature of abortion would seem to soundly reside in that personal and social aspect of a woman’s right encompassed in the individual theology of the sovereign woman. As such, the 1st Amendment’s protection of personal theology against the intrusion of Federal Government statutes or regulations is protected. Why then, must Chris Mathews and other liberal media idiots make this an irrelevant grand-standing issue? Liberals just cannot resist an opportunity to exert governmental influence where it is neither legal, warranted, nor Constitutional.

Donald Trump’s loss is that he apparently does not understand or comprehend the
U. S. Constitution’s protection of individual rights versus those encompassed by the individual sovereign states. These very personal rights of the woman lie within a government mechanism closer to the event, i.e. the individual and sovereign state. The 1st Amendment is the original and primary declaration establishing state-sovereignty.

In the issue of abortion, the Federal Government has no authority, nor does it possess the responsibility to fund via tax-dollars, a mechanism to induce or prevent the pregnancy of an individual sovereign woman. Let the woman deal, financially and morally, with the situation by her own desire, hopefully with some input from a responsible biological father; but that is a morale issue of its own! Caveat Emptor!

One thought on “Abortion

  1. Show me someone who thinks over-controlling, over-reaching, big bloated government is a good thing and I’ll show you someone bought and paid for by your tax dollars “at work”, providing all sorts of entitlement programs with only one purpose in mind: buying votes to sustain the big bloated agenda…


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