It’s The Court Stupid

Set forth in the Declaration of Independence in 1776, an affirmation that all men are created equal was inconsistent with a Constitution (1787) which allowed slavery until 1808. Politics in Congress failed to end slavery and a great divide polarized a young nation until 1861 and the U.S. Civil War. Since that great tragedy, political differences over the role of government in the lives of Americans has emerged as the polarizing agent in our “free” society in 2016.

From the industrial revolution of the 1870s, growth of so-called progressive ideology in government has been instrumental in the growth of government beyond that described by our duly adopted Constitution. Resulting from this growth of progressiveness, a new divide now threatens the very fabric of our Nation. A broadening gap separating right from left, or conservative and liberal, or republican or democrat has polarized the United States once again.

It is not the President, but the presidential nominations to the Supreme Court which may light the fuse of discontent. Conservative nominees will most likely maintain some resemblance of constitutional intent while liberal nominees will probably concur with increased progressive ideology and undermine the Constitution’s guidance. Roe v. Wade, the 2nd Amendment, and other areas of potential governmental interjections will be on the table.

All of the sudden those rights given by God may be restricted by government. A Representative Republic as Lincoln professed of, by, and for the people is governed by a ruling class of elitist; and that government designed by “We The People” with limited and specifically enumerated powers grows like a malignant tumor.  The prognosis is poor! Can the patient be saved? The voters will decide November 8th, 2016; a day that may determine destiny! Thanks to our government all we have is Obamacare.

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