You Make the Choice?

     The presidential candidate at the top of the ticket doesn’t really matter; the ideology behind the person determines the most likely path of governance for a minimum of four years. Democrats, the Left, or Liberals purport bigger centralized government providing what it thinks are needed by the general population. Funds to provide those services are produced by taxing the population in some manner. Republicans, the Right, or Conservatives believe in less or smaller government where individuals exercise personal responsibility to care for themselves and others as they deem charitable and/or appropriate.

In 1933, FDR (a democrat) introduced the Social Security Program which passed Congress in 1935 as the Social Security Act. FDR promised:
1. Participation in the program would be voluntary.
2. Participants would only pay 1% of the first $1,400 of their annual incomes into the     program.
3. Money put into the program by participants would be deductible from their income    for tax purposes.
4. Money put into the program by participants would go into an Independent “Trust Fund” rather than into the General operating fund and would only be used to fund the Social Security Program and no others; and,
5. The annuity payments to the retirees would never be taxed as income.

In 1958, a democratic controlled Congress voted to remove funds from Social Security and put them into the General Fund for Congress to spend. Which Political Party eliminated the income tax deduction for Social Security withholding? The Democrat Party with Vice-President Al Gore casting the tie-breaking vote. Which Political Party decided to give Social Security annuity payments to immigrants? James Earl Carter, a democrat, and the Democrat Party.

Democrat ideology takes money from some and gives it to others. Taking without permission is Tyranny. Republican ideology believes citizens know best how to handle their money. Americans are by their very nature charitable to those in need. Tyranny or Charity; you make the choice?

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