Immigration & Sanctuary Cities

Terminology must be dissected toward a goal of removing superfluous minutia identifying underlying goals and intent. Never has this been more essential to understanding the whole sanctuary city fiasco. A sanctuary may be defined as a place of safety from persecution or harm. In the arena of immigration discussions, sanctuary cities are those municipalities who refuse to cooperate with federal authorities in reporting individuals who may be in violation of federal immigration law, i.e. illegal aliens, undocumented persons, etc. To reach an enlightened position of perspective, additional dissection of modality and intent must be pursued.


As a basis for American Constitutional Law deference must be given to those defined reasons and causes which impel the creation of the “rule of law”. Paraphrasing 17th Century philosopher John Locke, the laws of any society are created to protect the private person or property of the individual citizen of that society. Therefore, laws of a community or municipality should be crafted as to protect the persons, and their private property, of the community. One very important aspect of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness of those within the community must be examined and defined. That morality engendered in the Declaration of Independence which invoked the “Laws of Nature” and “Nature’s God”, includes a certain rationale by which an individual may appropriately engage in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in lieu of coexisting within and for the common good of the community.


In cities or municipalities where businesses establish a “Chambers of Commerce”, motives which encourage principles toward optimal practices should be examined. One area of cost influential in business overhead is the cost of labor. Certainly, if labor costs could be minimized by utilization of inexpensive immigrant labor, more expensive alternatives would be excluded. The utilization of migrant workers in agriculture is rife with examples of labor cost-effectiveness of immigrant labor. Should we be surprised at the position of Chambers of Commerce opposing immigration reform? It is these Chambers of Commerce who often includes community leaders, councilman, and city mayors we now find bemoaning a federal government initiative to enforce existing immigration laws under a guise of “Sanctuary City”.


American values instilled by that morality found in natural law and reinforced by Devine theological oversight must be protected by rational application of Constitutional Law. The rationality of an individual’s protection from harm must be proscribed within that pursuit of happiness sought by any individual or business entity.

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