LGBTQ and Bathroom Bills



Privacies guaranteed by the 4th Amendment include the private actual or perceived characteristics of the individual. The right of the people to be secure in their persons must be a supreme goal of any Constitution. That separation between aspects of life guided by personal theology and those of civil considerations as guaranteed by the 1st Amendment remain foremost. Morality instilled by the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God exude the benefits of natural law and positive decision-making outcomes. Good moral decisions illicit good and positive outcomes: Bad moral decisions render negative outcomes unless an entity such as government intervenes to dampen potential lessons learned from poor decisions.

Theology offers guidance supporting positive decision-making skills. Personal theology is often supported by biblical passages whereby actions as those accepted in the LGBTQ are proscribed as an abomination toward God. Every being must accept responsibility for their own actions and choices; however, the outward and public demand by the LGBTQ community to be accepted as normal defies theology and biology. Governmental actions which enforce LGBTQ beliefs and actions are without merit as they are already protected by 4th Amendments rights. Any other public demonstrations approving or condoning LGBTQ characteristics are nothing more than collective attempts to sanctify social and public approval of deviant lifestyles.

These lifestyles while protected by the 4th Amendment in the privacy of their persons do not preclude a general civil acceptance; and therefore, private personal characteristics have no place being endorsed in civil matters.

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