Hypocrisy Runs Rampant after School Shootings

Recent shootings at the hands of mentally unstable individuals have provided fodder for the rise of hypocrisy in our supposedly free society. Seventeenth Century philosopher John Locke recognized both a human need for social interactions and a need for governance to insure adherence to social contracts, or laws. Thomas Paine stated in Common Sense, “Society is a blessing in any state; but government, even in its best state is but a necessary evil, and in its worst state an intolerable one; for when we suffer the miseries in a country much like that in a country with no government, the calamity is heightened when we realize it is by our own hand by which we suffer”.

Any stable free-society must realize and adhere to ideas of personal responsibility, respect for life and private property. Basic tenets espoused within the “Ten Commandments” teach this responsibility and respect as Devine Providence.

When a society places material possessions over the basic laws of life, societal failure looms near. In a society where the family is the basic body politic, there are too many broken homes; too many fatherless or single-parent families; too many two-occupation families to afford a lifestyle beyond responsible means; too many children playing computer games of violence and death; too many children not being taught to respect and honor thy Mother and thy Father; too many children not being taught to respect the authority of a school teacher or administrator; too many self-serving parents threatening to seek court actions against those who would attempt to teach those children respect; and, a lack of respect for the authority and governance to which we have consented, all demonstrate characteristics of a dying society.

By our vote, we consent to be governed; yet, the percentage of even registered voters who actually vote is deplorable. Guns and gun-owners are not our problem! A total lack of respect for authority at all levels and a lack of respect for another’s private property in a society which shuns personal responsibility is the culprit for our National grievances.

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