The Deep State

“We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Barack Obama October 30, 2008


“Social Justice” is a moniker many politicians and liberal activists utilize when attempting to explain idioms of human nature. As much as man can try to educate themselves studying history and philosophy, invariably he will succumb to self-protective instincts. Some of these instincts include blaming others for his failures or inabilities to prevail in society. “Someone or something is holding me back”, is an attitude using race, skin color, language, etc. to misplace responsibility to a third party for experienced personal short comings. Barack Obama rode a wave of perceptual social unrest by a young liberal populace holding university-learned ideologies subscribed to an idea that everything in life is fair and equal. Ideas declaring everyone’s feelings must be protected and soothed without recognizing the realities of life. Political correctness must be considered in open free speech! Lessons learned through history are replete with the failures of utopia and socialism and yet, free humans refuse to learn and heed the warnings of the past.


An electorate of starry-eyed well-wishers cheered at the notion of “Hope and Change” by a presidential candidate with little real world experience in management or job creation. An orally-adept well-traveled candidate with many friends and advisers identified as past transgressors toward our representative republic was elected. Many of these advisers, known terrorists and communists, were appointed to cabinet-level positions in the Obama Administration. Additionally, many Obama-like believers were appointed to positions in the federal bureaucracy where they could influence policies in support of Obama’s liberal socialist ideology. Activist judges were appointed to the judicial bench to further effect liberal decisions against the very Constitution they vowed to uphold and defend. Term limits of the U.S. President may not directly affect appointments in the federal bureaucracy. Indirectly, these appointments may keep coming back like a bad dream.


An educated citizen must ask, “Could an ex-president have appointed persons within the federal bureaucracy to act as a shadow government in a scenario if the party in power loses control of the Government”? How could such a government adversely affect a newly-elected government preserving past liberal changes and a Presidential legacy? How could this fiasco occur in the United States of America?


Slow liberalization of government can easily occur when the citizen-electorate becomes complacent and either ignores or forgets our Constitution based on founding principles of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Urbanization of society moves families to become dependent on the government and others for their basic needs. People learn to shed responsibilities from themselves while becoming dependent on government-run social programs. Citizens lose their dignity and forget the self-respect inherent with a job and hard work. They ask, “why should I work, I’m entitled to a living wage”; and by-the-way, “how can I support my family on a minimum wage pay scale”? It is these parasites who are readily willing to cast a vote for any politician who will promise to maintain their lifestyle.


A long-term demoralization of America has prompted the decay of our greatness; a culture indifferent to the lasting effects of poor or bad moral decisions readily accepts and endorses homosexuality as normal, same-sex marriage, and refuses to comprehend the necessity of National borders. Saul Alinski-style tactics are used to identify, marginalize, criticize, and then castigate those who dare to question an ideology of diversity, equity, and inclusion.


American Founder and first President George Washington in his farewell address to Congress stated,” Of all the habits and dispositions that lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports”. Today in America, our political prosperity is day-to-day according to the whims of a biased media; religion essential to our conscious awareness and morality is under assault by a middle-eastern cult hell-bent on Sharia law contrary to our duly adopted Constitution. Only a moral rebirth will preserve a Country where Liberty allows for Life and attempts to gain Happiness.



One thought on “The Deep State

  1. Always appreciate your views and perspectives! The previous administration seems to have a maniacal fear that their “legacy” of “transformation” will be lost to the political outsider and capitalist we elected in Nov 2016. All your readers here should find it deeply disturbing to link your question of an installed shadow government (deep state) to the reality of what happened with “Spygate” and the illegal FISA application that gained the “democratic party” surveillance of their legitimate opposition in the 2016 Presidential race. Both the DOJ/FBI had holdovers who had actively assisted in creating the false narrative (lies) that formed the basis of the FISA application and continued to undermine the legitimate Presidency of #45 after he was elected/inaugurated. I borrowed this excerpt from The Way of the Warrior which seems to aptly explain the real basis for the deep state. It’s time for true leaders to stand up and stop the stonewalling circus and sideshow in Congress and let justice take it’s course regarding “Spygate”. “”There is an unexpected relationship between blame and fear. When you blame others for your failure, you become powerless to change the world around you. You begin to live your life filled with fear, paralyzed by uncertainty and embittered by a sense of victimization. Fear may cause you to abdicate responsibility, but the abdication of responsibility will most certainly cause you to live in fear.” -The Way of the Warrior (devotional)


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